The Living Universalism Project . . .

began with the opportunity to purchase a historic building, and with a vision of gathering artifacts and establishing a Heritage Center.

That was just a few short years ago, but how the vision has changed!


From a look back at history, the energy of the Universalist Heritage Foundation has shifted to celebrating the heart of the Universalist message of faith, hope and love.


We are intent on developing programs that will articulate and spread this Universalist message, adding strength, depth and wisdom to contemporary Unitarian Universalism. This faith is a gift we want to share with the next generations and with the world at large.


The Mission of the Universalist Heritage Foundation is
to educate future generations in the Universalist tradition,
to continue to put forth the Universalist message as an agent of
hope for a fractured world, and
to celebrate and preserve the rich legacy of the Universalist faith.


The Living Universalism Project



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